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Independent Publisher Out-Performs Majors with Crime Fiction Debut Novel

News Release
Date: 27 March 2010
Independent Publisher Out-Performs Majors with
Crime Fiction Debut Novel
Caffeine Nights Publishing celebrated the launch of Nick Quantrill’s crime thriller Broken Dreams on March 16th in front of a sell out audience at the Crime & the City event at the Phillip Larkin Centre in Hull. Nick, whose book has received fantastic coverage in the Yorkshire region with TV, radio and newspaper interviews, went on to a sell-out book signing in under two hours at Waterstones in Hull. The signing taking place in a week which reported the lowest sales of the year out-performed recent ‘celebrity’ book signings and set a benchmark for an unknown author with a debut book from a small independent publisher by selling all 43 ordered copies.

Editor Note

Nick Quantrill was a winner of the HarperCollins Crime Tour Competition in 2006 for his short story ‘Punishment’ before he went on to complete Broken Dreams.

Broken Dreams is published by Caffeine Nights Publishing – rrp £7.99.
Review copies of Broken Dreams are available from the publisher on request.

Synopsis - ‘Broken Dreams by Nick Quantrill

Joe Geraghty, Private Investigator, is used to struggling from one case to the next, barely making the rent on his small office in the Old Town of Hull. Invited by a local businessman to investigate a member of his staff’s absenteeism, it’s the kind of surveillance work that Geraghty and his small team have performed countless times. When Jennifer Murdoch is found bleeding to death in her bed, Geraghty quickly finds himself trapped in the middle of a police investigation which stretches back to the days when the city had a thriving fishing industry. As the woman’s tangled private life begins to unravel, the trail leads Geraghty to local gangster-turned-respectable businessman, Frank Salford, a man with a significant stake in the city’s regeneration plans. Still haunted by the death of his wife in a house fire, it seems the people with the answers Geraghty wants are the police and Salford, both of whom want his co-operation for their own ends. With everything at stake, some would go to any length to get what they want, Geraghty included.

If you would like a review copy of Broken Dreams please email and place ARC in the title/headline of your email along with a postal address or email address if you require the eBook version. ARC’s are available to press requests for review purposes.
If you would like to interview NickQuantrill, please call 01634 837049 and ask for Darren.
Broken Dreams – ISBN 978-0-9554070-2-4, paperback, RRP £7.99
Broken Dreams - ISBN 978-0-9554070-3-1, eBook, RRP £4.95

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