Sunday, 6 September 2009

The eReader Invasion from the East

By Darren E Laws

If Amazon with the Kindle and the Sony with the eReader think they are going to monopolise the eReader market in Europe there are one or two surprises heading our way from Eastern Europe which may change the landscape. While I still firmly believe that mobile phones will have the edge for the eBook market, there is one or two devices in development that are adding functionality that will equal both of the main players and then some.

Ukrainian company Pocketbook have launched the 360 an eBook reading machine that is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible reads ePub, RTF, DOC and HTML among other formats. The 360 has a tilt reading function which readjusts the text layout no matter which way you turn the machine. For a look at the machine follow this link

It is clear that there is going to be a lot of competition in the market and that is an excellent thing as it will drive down prices and add more functionality to devices. What is clear is that the first colour screen eReader is going to leap to the top of the pile and it isn't far away. Small tablet devices will cross over in this area and the Smit mid-560 with its Google Android operating system will begin to look appealing because of its multi-functionality. This machine is designed and built in China and looks impressive. It is small and because it runs on Android and has been manufactured in China there is a good chance that when it hits these shores the price will be competitive.

I am sure there are many more machines in development from large and small companies alike and each will bring something new and interesting to the market.

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